Adult Hoarding Treatment Group

Service Description

A 20 session evidence based group program for individuals who have hoarding and clutter tendencies. It helps to improve decision making about possessions, address excessive clutter at home and learn skills to manage emotions and interpersonal relationships. It teaches practical skills for addressing anxiety and sadness.

Alternate Names: UNSW Psychology Clinic

02 9385 3042

UNSW Psychology Clinic, Level 8, Mathews Building, Kensington Campus
UNSW, NSW, 2052

Hours of Operation

Begins Aug 2018-Feb 2019 (Ring to register), Tues 2pm-4pm


Referral System

Self referral, a brief phone intake interview and in person assessment required

Service Fees


Organisational Information

Area Served

Sydney Metro

Parent Organisation

UNSW School of Psychology

Other Information

Volunteering Opportunities


Last Updated: 16 May 2022