Victoria Mental Health Community Visitor Program

Service Description

A volunteer service that visits disability accommodation services, supported residential services and mental health facilities. Their role is to observe the environment and staff interaction with patients and residents, inspect documents and speak with residents and patients to ensure fair and dignity in care. Visits are unannounced. Patients, residents, their families and carers may contact the service with concerns or questions about treatment, care and involuntary hospitalisation under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act.

Alternate Names: Official Visitor Program

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:45pm


Referral System

Call directly

Service Fees


Languages (other than English)

TTY Available 1300 305 612

Organisational Information

Area Served


Parent Organisation

Office of the Public Advocate

Other Information

Volunteering Opportunities


Other Contacts

There is an after hours service for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next business day. 1300 309 337

Last Updated: 15 January 2024