ACT Official Visitor Scheme

Service Description

Assists people being treated in hospital under the Mental Health Act, or under community orders by making sure that they receive safe standards of treatment and care. Visits are made regularly to hospitals, care facilities and detention facilities. Carers can also contact the Official Visitors when concerned about a family member in hospital. Patients can write to the official visitors program and there is a locked official visitors box in every ward.

Alternate Names: Public Trustee and Guardian

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:30pm


Referral System

Via answering service

Service Fees


Organisational Information

Area Served


Parent Organisation

ACT Governement Health and Public Trustee

Postal Address

Public Trustee and Guardian

PO Box 221

Civic Square



Other Information

Volunteering Opportunities


Last Updated: 29 September 2023