Kamira Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services

Service Description

Women 18 years and older, with or without children up to 8 years old can join this drug and alcohol centre. Residential Rehabilitation for 5-7 months. Will accept pregnant women and women trauma histories and mental health concerns. The program requires clients to be smoke free. . The program has a focus on mood regulation, attachment therapy, relapse prevention, building healthy relationships, and underlying issues of substance dependence. Please see the website for more.

Hours of Operation



Referral System

Self refer over the phone

Service Fees

80% of centrelink payment or equivalent.

Disability Access

Yes. Ramp

Organisational Information

Area Served


Parent Organisation

Funding through NSW Health, Department of Health, HNECCPHN

Postal Address

PO Box 284




Other Information

Last Updated: 15 February 2024